September 25, 2007

Knitting and Celtic Roots

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Knitting goes hand-in-hand with Celtic music; it’s a perfect match.

It was a cold winter evening in Vermont. As a new member of the “Twist-o-Wool” Guild, I watched and listened as the members knit a shawl in the round to the beat of Celtic music. All of them, moving their needles along, click-click-click, to the beat of a fiddle.

We all connected, just like the wool and needles. But the connection was heartfelt; knit together. It was then that Celtic music got my attention.

In the past, I often wondered why I would stop dead in my tracks every time I heard the bagpipes or fiddle. Was it my Celtic roots? As a knitter, too, I wondered what made me so attracted to yarns, fleece, and tweed.

What grabs my heart when I hear the music from Scotland or Brittany? Is it the knitting patterns or the music patterns that repeat themselves, yet haunt me to knit? Maybe it’s the pace of knit and pearl, which is like the ocean waves moving in and out.

Listen to my playlist and you’ll probably finish knitting your sweater or socks in faster time, while reflecting on your own Celtic roots. You know, we’re all probably Celtic in some form or fashion. I think everyone was blown away the first time they watched and listened to Riverdance. It was addicting. Just like Afro-Cuban music, Celtic music also has it’s roots knit all through the world.

Keep knitting, eat a scone, and drink a cup of tea!

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September 20, 2007

Quit and Knit!

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Yes, you can quit and knit! HELLO!

In 1984, I smoked a pack a day, but I also moved to Vermont to be a ski bum for a ski season. I met a new friend — Sally from NYC — and she told me that she quit smoking when she moved to Vermont. She told me to pick a date to quit and it would help me to quit too. I gave this some thought…

One day, a few weeks later, I asked God to give me a new habit to relace my stupid habit of smoking and left it at that, fully knowing that God would work a miracle if it was His Will. Since it was so cold in Vermont, I decided to visit the local yarn shop in Stowe to buy some wool to crochet a blanket. For some reason, I asked the store owner if she gave knitting lessons, but she discouraged me and said my crochet habit would keep me from learning how to knit. Unfortunately, I believed her…

A few months later, I just happened to be shopping and stopped in a Norwegian store and noticed that the shop owner (who was from Norway and who had been a knitter for over 40 years) was giving knitting lessons. She asked me if I wanted to take her class and I told her about my crochet problem. She told me that what that woman in Stowe told me was nonsense, and that I definitely could learn how to knit. The rest is history. I took her class and have been knitting every since.

Oh, by the way, I quite smoking at the same time. When you knit on circular needles like the Norwegians do, you tend to light your cigarette only to find that by the time you finish one row of your Norwegian sweater (about 225-stitches around), the dumb cigarette is just about burned out.

God answered my prayer and it was a “win-win.” I not only quit the nasty habit over 22 years ago, cold turkey without any withdrawals, but I also made many hats, mittens and sweaters for myself and family members. I kept knitting and never looked back.

Only God could think of Quit and Knit!