April 29, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Posted in Fiber Art, God, Jesus, Ministry, Photography at 1:26 pm by sewhisword

You have reached my blog space – Sew His Word, which means exactly what it says.  I am a fiber artist, who wants to Glorify God by sewing His Word into everything I make.  I also want to sew His Word, by planting seeds each day.  I will add more photos of my art work as I complete each piece.

 Take care and blog to you soon.




  1. Hi Susan,

    Your blog looks great. A lovely space for you to Sew His Word.

    Love, Karen

  2. Hi, I found your blog from Karen’s. And then I recognized you from Flickr! It is a lovely blog. I need to come here when I feel discouraged. And yes people will disappoint, I disappoint myself! But God is faithful.

  3. Steven said,


    You are doing something very unique in your creations. I just want to encourage you to continue.

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Steven (Owner) Family-eStore.com

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